When You Lose, Don’t Lose The Lesson

Dont loose the lessonA man walked up to me in Calgary at the YMCA and casually said, “Hi Bob”.

I responded, “Hi”, but I didn’t have a clue who he was. I glanced back a couple of times to try and remember where I knew him from, but no luck. My memory is going on me, or so I thought.

I ran into the gentleman again at the sink and the way he was talking he knew so much about me! It was like, okay where do I know his person from? Continue reading

Why You Should Learn to Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable

Porrua publishing team

Porrua Publishing Team

I just came back from a two week tour of Mexico in conjunction with the launch of my book in Spanish. After numerous interviews from TV, newspapers and magazines I was asked over and over again, why the title of your book? Good question!

At 53 years of age, I still learn that when I put myself in uncomfortable situations, I grow more as person than any other time in my life.

Robert Kiyosaki put it into different words. He said, “When we get comfortable we get lazy, mentally and physically. Continue reading

How To Find More Time In The Day? Change The Rules!


It is probably no surprise to most that one of life’s biggest dilemma’s world-wide is that they feel they are constantly in a time crunch and the treadmill never slows down.

From our earliest days we’re taught the importance of a daily structure based on time. School days are over 6 hours long, with classes structured around slots of time, rather than what can be completed. We’re taught that what matters is ‘putting in the time’, not necessarily finishing the work.

Bill was not much different from most and explained to me his non-stop itinerary and that he was always from one meeting to another, then off to kid events, and back to numerous other events.

Continue reading

Do You Have The Perfect Formula?

HealthI just finished a one on one meeting with my client, Jim. He was very well prepared and sent me his goals well ahead of the meeting including dates for action steps to complete each one. Jim also prioritized his goals, so he knew exactly what was coming next and focus would not be an issue. It was like a domino of events that would occur one right after the other. I was impressed!

Jim’s first priority was his health and I was quite excited about this. He had a detailed diet and exercise formula that he researched thoroughly by reviewing many blogs and experts in the industry that would put him in optimum health (or so he thought) Continue reading

The Best Way To Build Your Confidence

babysteps“Even the smallest step towards your goal is PROGRESS.” This statement is true in almost all cases.

I was on a coaching call as Joyce was explaining to me all of her goals for the upcoming year. She was quite excited as most people are in January as the New Years resolutions are quite a ritual in today’s world. I asked Joyce if she had set goals before and she said yes, but wasn’t too successful in the past. I asked her why.

There was a pause and then she bluntly said, “Well to be honest, I have lacked the confidence to do them.”

I questioned her, “Why is this year going to be any different?” Continue reading

The Secret To Being Happy

do more happyWe live in a world where there are endless possibilities. Life is a game we all play, some better than others. There are secrets to life that take a little bit of digging to acquire, but most of what you need to know is readily available if you seek it out.

I had a call the other day from a client and they were discussing their goals like most people do around the New Year’s resolution time. I usually ask what’s the purpose of the goal and why are they making it, and the most common answer is time and time again.

“Well Bob,  I want to be happy.” Continue reading

We Should Never Overlook This

rule of 80 20Steve called me up the other day and wanted to know how grow his business. I asked him how many customers he had? He wasn’t sure and said he would look it up right away. He got back to me and said around 145 customers Bob.

I then asked to break down his customers by how much business they did with him in dollar amounts. He asked, why?, as he treat all my customers the same.

I had a feeling he did this. Continue reading

The Most Important Piece

The importance of building relationships and treating people right will not only help you achieve success for yourself it will help others at the same time. Having worked and coached all ages and many types of people and without fail, developing relationships and treating people right is what has allowed me to be successful while in turn helping others achieving their goals.

Having a good relationship in place and being trusted to do the right thing may help someone achieve something greater or just simply help someone in need. Chances are you will eventually come across someone that is facing a difficult situation in their personal or professional life. If you’ve already built a relationship with that person, you’ll be in a good position to assist them with their situation or maybe they can assist you! Continue reading

Is Your Spouse/Partner On Your Team?

holding handsWhen you focus only on yourself and are always keeping score with your spouse, you’re not in a true relationship with another person. You’re focusing on yourself, what you can get, and where your partner is falling short.

By thinking of the two of you as a team it shifts your focus. Suddenly it’s not “me versus you”; it’s “us.”

I was on a call with Peter the other day and he rattled off all of his goals he wanted to achieve with his upcoming career change. He asked me what I thought of them as he went through the list. As we discussed his passion for business and rekindling some old parts of his life this seemed to bring excitement back in his voice. He couldn’t wait to get started. Continue reading

The Huge Mistake We Omit When Accomplishing A Goal

dreamteamThe best way for people to grow and develop is to identify how they most naturally think, feel, and behave. This is otherwise known as your natural talent(s) – then build on those talents to create strengths, or the ability to provide a consistent and optimal performance.

I had a recent request from a female client by the name of Jill. She asked me if she should bring her husband into her next meeting with me. I agreed, but curiously asked why she wanted to bring him along. Continue reading