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Rich Dad, Poor Dad guru Robert Kiyosaki* on

Get Comfortable being Uncomfortable

Q: What destroys health, wealth and happiness?
A: Being comfortable

Q: What hinders personal success?
A: Being comfortable

Q: Why is there a financial crisis?
A: People wanting to be comfortable.

Q: Why are so many people obese?
A: People eating comfort food.

I wake up every morning faced with the need to decide between being healthy and uncomfortable – or comfortable and obese. It’s a battle waged every morning.

The same is true with personal success, happiness, and self-esteem.

Many people believe that laziness, lack of education or bad luck is the cause of most problems. I don’t. I believe it’s the trap of being comfortable.

Many people become comfortable with their problems. For example, a person can simply say, “I have high blood pressure” and become comfortable with a health problem that may eventually kill them. Rather than work to overcome their health challenge, changing their diet and exercise patterns, it is easier to go to the doctor and take a magic pill.

J.O.B = Just Over Broke

The same is true with money. Millions today are unemployed or stuck in a J.O.B., an acronym that stands for Just Over Broke. Rather than do something to improve their financial condition, many are content to say, “The economy is bad.”

And rather than be creative and rekindle the spark in their marriage, millions become comfortable, falling into a routine of going to work, eating, watching TV, and falling asleep early. What a way to treat the most important person in your life.

As you can tell, I love Bob Molle’s book. I read it the moment I got my hands on it. I use it as a personal reminder and think of Bob’s smiling face every time I need inspiration … the inspiration to extricate myself from the perils of the most dangerous of all human traps, the dungeon of life known as comfort.

*Robert Kiyosaki is author of the best-selling Rich Dad, Poor Dad series. An entrepreneur and investor, financial commentator and advocate of financial literacy, Kiyosaki is a motivational speaker who, like Bob Molle, walks the walk and talks the talk.