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“Bob Molle is the guy you want to know; the man you want to be around and learn from. When he speaks, people listen. He has taken personal/team/leadership development to a place years ahead of mainstream offerings. He is the person you want on your team.”

James FitzGerald, Strength Coach, Optimum Performance Training Inc.

SOME of North America’s leading corporations have gained their cutting edge from Bob Molle’s world-class and life-changing programs for goal-setting and enduring inspiration for success.

With his distinctive and invigorating style, Bob takes the triumphs he achieved through teamwork in the international sports arena into the equally competitive corporate world.

The only person to win an Olympic medal and a Canadian Football League Grey Cup championship, his goals and standards are the highest. His victories are exceptional. This All-American is totally inspired to energize others to attain the same level of outstanding success.

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With Bob Molle’s remarkable results from public speaking, it seems his own success is contagious as he powers his way through life empowering others to achieve. “I know that every single individual or team can be a winner,” says Bob.  There are no losers in Bob’s world.

While many executives aim to reduce costs and boost revenue, they wallow in mediocrity because they fail to stimulate whole-of-team support.  Team-building is Bob’s forte.  Teams simply soak up Bob’s focus on understanding why they need to change, rather than how, and move forward. Results are exceptional.

You talked about how you go outside your box to get to the second level … The dealership has been going up and up in sales and profit … I would recommend you any day of the week.”

Todd (TJ) Richardson, Owner & General Manager, Charles Glen Toyota

As a highly-accomplished sales executive, Bob’s holistic approach to goal-setting, coaching, leadership and teambuilding covers all-important customer relations and personal situations that can impact on professional attitude and outcomes.

He motivates people to move out of their comfort zone and address their challenges. He inspires life-long action through a distinctive mix of story-telling, Eastern philosophy and a wealth of personal experience. He’s got the Wow Factor.

“Engaging with Bob Molle is utterly life-changing. I’ve seen some exceptional world-class presenters and coaches, but none to match Bob. This energetic guy is in a class of his own. He’s simply riveting and, best of all, people carry his zest with them through life. He’s awesome. You simply can’t beat Bob.”

World Entrepreneur & Rich Dad Poor Dad Advisor Ken McElroy

Bob’s stories are heartfelt and humorous. His vitality is infectious. He exudes motivation. He’s a real nice guy, too. Bringing Bob on board will take you and your team to the next level and beyond. You’ll have loads of fun achieving sustainable gains to set you apart in today’s challenging marketplace. Mediocrity will vanish.

Bob Molle is ready to fully engage you and your team in your vision for success. He knows that every organization and individual is different. His programs are custom-made to best meet your needs.

“You raised the bar for our future speakers. You connected with the audience in a meaningful way. You inspired and motivated our students to pursue their dreams. Thanks.”

Philip Tuck, Principal, Bowness High School

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Join companies including Royal Bank, Alberta Health Services and Abbott Laboratories in engaging Bob as your compelling keynote speaker.

Human Resources managers, Event managers and anyone leading a team can expect Bob to inspire their people to action and success. He’s got more runs on the board than most individuals past and present. He’s thoroughly credible.

Do your people lack drive, energy and inspiration? Are sales below target? Is production under par? Is your event planning missing that wow factor? It’s never been so easy, so worthwhile and so much fun to get energized to improve performance and achieve goals.

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‘Bob is fantastic … very inspirational!’

ARC Resources Ltd Employee

Hearthfelt: Bob engages the crowd

Heartfelt: Bob engages the crowd

Star Achiever: Bob with his Olympic Medal and the gray cup

Star Achiever: Bob with his Olympic Medal and the Grey Cup

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