New Month New Me

“New Month New Me” The Fastest Way To Achieve Your Goals Guaranteed

New Month New Me Course

If you are……An eager, self-employed entrepreneur looking for simple strategies to turn your ‘small business’ into a BIG business… without having to go through the school-of-hard-knocks…

…A professional looking to break free of the sales ‘game’ and understand the proven skills you need to live a life of abundance…

…Anyone seeking more personal freedom in your life and tired of struggling to find the easy way to achieve your dreams.

Is it your time?

I would have never won 2 Grey Cup Championships as captain of the Winnipeg Bluebombers, nor have won a Silver medal at the 1984 Olympics, if I didn’t believe in getting help.

Paid help…free help… both were instrumental to my success.

The best part?

Once I GOT the mindset of a champion, I was able to win at the sports I chose, and then carried those skills forward into the business world and have excelled in ALL areas in my life and business endeavours as well.

I want to pay this forward and offer you help to take your life, business and happiness to the next level.

New Month New Me is designed for one type of person…
…those who are fedup with ‘trying’ to succeed… and want to actually ‘be’ a success like it can be done.

It is all in the mindset.

I should know – mindset is a MAJOR factor in success.

I did it. It worked.

It continues to work every time.

Now it is my turn to pass this on to you.

“By January 7th, one week after everyone has made their New Year’s Resolution, over 75% of people have failed,” states Bob Molle, author of Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable. After hearing this, financial education expert and 2014 Most Popular Personal Finance Expert, Robert Kiyosaki, wanted to share his insights to help people actually reach their goals and be winners.

Bob Molle inspires and motivates us to get back on track with those resolutions! Don’t wait for a New Year. Get started next month!

What you will learn:

• The BIG difference between goal setting and goal achievement. If you ever set New Year’s resolutions, you know how many goals end up in the garbage. I have developed a near fail proof system for taking a goal and making it a reality… in record time. I have proven its effectiveness for decades now in the sports world and the business world.

• A unique approach to goal setting that isn’t shared by those who should be sharing (not everyone who understands the rules of success is willing to share them, but I am).

• How to turn off those who want to sabotage your success… and a simple solution to ensuring it won’t EVER happen to you.

• How high should you aim? The simple path to achieving greatness, finally shared in an easy system.

• Why struggle is so critically important to your inevitable success.

• The top excuses you may be making that are predetermining your life of failure.

What you will receive:

A workbook “New Month New Me” ($50 value)
Bob’s book Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable ($20 value)
Two DVD’s ($380 value)
One CD ($150 value)
Total Value is = $600

Enjoy 50% off  for a limited time only!

Special Introductory Rate – $299

Online Version (downloads only) – $199


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