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WITH his outstanding record of sporting, professional and personal achievements, sometimes against all the odds, Bob Molle could be your biggest asset.

Bob’s a real nice guy who just loves to make a difference. He has been a stellar performer at Olympic and national-level sport, an outstanding coach and an exceptional corporate achiever.  Now Bob has devised distinctive and world-class coaching programs to motivate others to achieve his own level of triumph.

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Few people have the outstanding credentials – the real runs on the board and life experience – to inspire others to succeed with the credibility and enthusiasm of Bob Molle.  Why? Because Bob’s a champion at everything he does. He’s a champion at sport, business and life, as a player and a coach.

An All-American, he fought injury and pain to win silver at the 1984 Olympics, played on 2 Canadian Football League Grey Cup winning teams and twice has been named Coach of the Year.

If you feel you are in a rut; that the odds are against you; that you can’t find the drive or ambition to move forward; or that you can’t get down to setting and working towards achievable goals, then Bob can change all that forever.

He can impart his own inner-resolve and enthusiasm that will set you apart and stay with you through life, giving you optimism and the capacity to be a high achiever rather than a wannabe.

“Bob Molle has the unique ability to get individuals to reach deep inside themselves and find the skills, aspirations and attitudes that not only allow them to grow, but also raise their potential to a level they never thought possible.”

Cindy LaFrance, Calgary Health Region

Bob’s unique approach is holistic. He shows how life skills and harmony in personal relationships all can be managed to gain optimism, energy and successes that will make you a leader.

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Anyone can figure out how to change, says Bob. The key is to identify why you should change.  This may mean moving out of your comfort zone and addressing your challenges. It may mean changing your approach to colleagues or clients. And it might mean seeking more balance in your personal relationships.

But once you know why you should change, the rest is easy and with Bob’s personal or team guidance you’ll become one of life’s great success stories – you’ll be a winner whom others look to for inspiration. By the way, Bob had his own guru, or coach, who helped make him what he is today. He knows that every individual is different and his coaching is tailor-made for you.

‘Bob’s the guy you want on your team’

“Bob Molle is the guy you want to know, be around and learn from. He’s a true example of how to achieve balance while striving for more to create ‘efficiency’ in today’s busy lifestyle. When he speaks, people listen. He has taken personal/team/leadership development to a place years ahead of mainstream offerings.  He’s who you want on your team.”

James FitzGerald, Strength Coach, Optimum Performance Training Inc.

Bob Molle is a leading global specialist in goal-setting and personal & professional achievement. He is the only man to ever win an Olympic Medal and a Grey Cup Championship. He enjoys All-American status and gains deep satisfaction from helping people from all walks of life.

Bob’s a world-class coach, sensitive and responsive to personal and corporate needs. His expertise at goal-setting and team-building consistently motivates lack-lustre individuals and groups to move onwards and upwards. Time and again, Bob’s unique style, personal experiences and stellar achievements inject new and lasting enthusiasm into all who work with him.

“When all players on a team are focused as a unit and committed to kicking goals, it’s a beautiful thing,” says Bob. “I love engaging with people. I love to inspire people to become positive and motivated.”

No goal is too small or large for Bob to tackle with you. He talks personal relationships, health & fitness, finance, sales, career status and more.

If you’d like to chat with Bob about getting motivated to succeed, give him a call now. You have everything to gain and nothing to lose. You won’t look back. And it could change your life.

Investment: $3500 to $12000 (Payment plans available)

Or call 1-778-265-4858 or contact Bob to reserve your date or discuss your needs. Bob will work with you on how he can best inspire you to enduring success.

“You identified with my sales team and made them stand out from the crowd. You brought us a lot of energy and passion. Your enthusiasm is contagious.”

Bill Ellis, District Sales Manager, Primary Care Team, Abbott Laboratories

Road to Silver: Bob Defeats Egypt's El-Hadid in the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics Semi-final

Road to Silver: Bob Defeats Egypt’s El-Hadid in the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics Semi-final

Making Champions: Bob with his British Columbia Provincial winners

Making Champions: Bob with his British Columbia Provincial winners

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