The Most Important Piece

The importance of building relationships and treating people right will not only help you achieve success for yourself it will help others at the same time. Having worked and coached all ages and many types of people and without fail, developing relationships and treating people right is what has allowed me to be successful while in turn helping others achieving their goals.

Having a good relationship in place and being trusted to do the right thing may help someone achieve something greater or just simply help someone in need. Chances are you will eventually come across someone that is facing a difficult situation in their personal or professional life. If you’ve already built a relationship with that person, you’ll be in a good position to assist them with their situation or maybe they can assist you!

I was working with a client by the name of Jim, who had some of his thoughts on this very subject. Jim walked up to me slowly and we sat down to discuss his recent months activities. Jim had been working for an existing company for a number of years and he told me that they were undergoing a new expansion. Along with the expansion they had made him an offer to move to a new location and oversee a number of stores about to open. I asked Jim how he felt about the opportunity and he said, “Great opportunity, but I am unsure if I want to move from this area.”

Jim continued, “My family is here and my wife’s family is also here. I’m really concerned about what to say my boss.” I turned to Jim and asked him what his relationship is out of a scale of 1-10 with his boss. Without hesitation he said. “It is a 9.5 or sometimes even a 10, Coach Bob.”

I looked at him with a big smile and said, “Why don’t you draw up your dream job, Jim?”

A lightbulb when on and Jim started planning his dream job right then.

Jim came back a month later to hug me and said he proposed his dream job and it was accepted by his boss!

Eastern philosophy states, “relations is the ability to create new relationships and make existing ones better.”

Write down your top three relationships you need to make better. What relationships do you need to focus on to make your life more enjoyable?

If you take it upon yourself to set the standard, it will make those around you better. Building better relationships means you interact with those around you, share your knowledge and experiences. As you build relationships, chances are those around you will benefit from your experiences and knowledge, enabling them and you to grow professionally and personally. It’s never too late.

Remember GCBU!


Bob Molle (Coach Bob)

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